Yassi is a vibrant young woman who has taken the industry by storm. Her down to earth personality and authenticity has made it easy for the Philippines to fall in love with her and has propelled Yassi to become one the countries top celebrities. She is the true definition of a triple threat, having the ability to engage with the crowd while she hosts, pulls at her viewers hearts when shes on screen, captivate and inspire others with her performances on stage.

During her downtime, Yassi enjoys spending time with her family and stays active by working in muay thai into her weekly routine. If there is break in her busy schedule, she wouldn’t hesitate to book a ticket for a quick adventure to see what the world has to offer, she enjoys learning about different countries and their cultures (and don’t forget about trying out the local cuisines). Yassi also consistently works with different charities to give back to the community and be a positive role model to the Filipino youth.

Her ambition and unparalleled work ethic puts Yassi in a class of her own. She is extremely motivated and approaches each new project with passion and energy. This is only the beginning for Yassi as she looks to leave her mark in the industry.