Cielo de Angelina

Year: 2012–2013
Role: Rhoda

Cielo de Angelina (International title: Angelina’s Sky / lit. Heaven from Angelina) is a Philippine television drama series broadcast by GMA Network. Directed by Omar Deroca, it stars Bea Binene in the title role. It premiered on October 22, 2012 on the network’s late morning line up and worldwide on October 24, 2012 on GMA Pinoy TV.[1] The series concluded on January 4, 2013 with a total of 55 episodes.


The series follows the life and love of Angelina, an orphan girl who was left by the door of El Cielo Shelter for Destitute Women and Abandoned Children one stormy night. Marco, a four-year-old stowaway was there when Sister Margaret picked the baby. Because of being abandoned, Marco and Angelina treated the shelter as their home.

Through the years, Marcos serves as the older brother of Angelina especially when her best friend, Julie was adopted. Since then, it was Marco who helped Angelina on her longing for Julie. It was also Marco who will help Angelina in trying to find out what was left by her parents when she was abandoned. But when Angelina tries to get the clue inside Sister Margaret’s office, a fire breaks out in another part of the shelter causing the latter to die.

Separation ensued when Angelina was adopted and in turn leaving Marco in the orphanage. While Angelina is living a tormented life with her stepmother Czarina and stepsister Rhoda, Marco now acts very distant from her.

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